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My One Problem with Medical Assistance

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by Treadmarkz

I live in Minnesota and I have had the same wheelchair for several years now. It is still a decent chair but from time to time, parts of it break down or wear out. I was interested in getting a new one at some point soon, so I called MA to see how soon I would be eligible. The representative told me that they have discontinued the “Every 4 Years” rule (quite some time ago) which is fine because I think that is too often anyway, but what she told me next didn’t make any sense. She said that MA will pay to get parts replaced or fixed but will not pay for a new chair unless the problem area cannot be fixed or replaced. Do you see the problem here? This means that in order to get a new chair from MA, I would have to have a chair that was irreparable, i.e., I would have a chair that I could not use, which would make the waiting period until I got my new one quite intolerable given that I cannot use my legs.

Has anyone had this same experience? Was I given unclear or inaccurate information? The MA website is no help on this.

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