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Get in the Ring!

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by Treadmarkz

When I was growing up, if I wanted to be an athlete, being in a wheelchair, all there really was available to me was basketball or racing. I tried both. I was no good at racing and didn’t enjoy it that much anyway (Sour grapes, anyone?) I thought I was a great basketball player.

But then, when I was 14, I went to a wheelchair sports camp for the first time. There, I was exposed to a multitude of other sports, and got a much needed boost in confidence. But I was only interested in basketball. But I found out that though I may have been a decent shooter, it took a lot more than that. And as it turns out, I was more interested in writing about sports than in putting any real effort into becoming “Michael Jordan in a wheelchair”. In the past ten years, wheelchair sports has branched out. We’ve got Aaron Fotherington doing backflips in his chair on a skateboarding half-pipe, for one thing.

But here is another taste of what the future may hold for the wheelchair athlete. It says “not at a competitive level..yet” but I’d say she is doing an excellent job of defending herself, and she gets a few shots of her own in, against her able-bodied foe. The woman goes a little easy on her, allowing her to turn and brace herself again, but…oh just watch it!

PS: This need not be a competitive venture. The boxer in the wheelchair in this clip, Beth, has a blog which can be accessed here. In this posting, she describes how she got in the ring as a workout activity, not a contact sport.

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