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In Defense of the Orient Road Jail Staff

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by Treadmarkz

Boy they sure are coming out of the woodworks to cry foul aren’t they? This video is proof, in my eyes, that some people deserve to be thrown out of their wheelchairs. If this guy, Benjamin Rayburn, were on two legs and he pulled this crap, he’d be laid out, flat on his stomach with his hands pinned behind his back, and he would deserve it. So why should he expect any different? I am in a wheelchair, and I think if I were throwing things at the officers, like this crack-pipe wielding Brian Sterner wanna-be, I could expect to be put on the ground.

PS: Notice all the jailers are white just like Rayburn?

PPS: How the hell do people get crack-cocaine in jail anyway?


Written by treadmarkz

March 5, 2008 at 7:35 PM

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