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Good News For Those with Spinal Cord Injuries Who Hope To Walk Again

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by Treadmarkz

Many people living with paralysis due to spinal cord injuries hold out hope that one day they will walk again. For many it is a religious faith that drives them to work toward the day they will leave their chair behind.

The other most promising source of the redemption they hope for is science. I was born with spina bifida, and I personally believe that if I was intended to walk, I would not have been created the way I am to begin with. Though I believe all of the sciences are worthwhile endeavors through which humanity can do great things, I believe that the level of ability which I was born with is one thing that science cannot overpower. I understand how those who were born “able” and were injured may feel differently.

But with all respect to my disabled readers who do strongly believe they can and will walk again, the story linked to here is for you.

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  1. While this is great news, I have come to accept that I will never walk again, if a “cure” doe s come, it will be ages before I could get it, there would most likely to be a ton of people before me. I have read about stuff in india and china and what not, but I dont think I woudl want to do it untill i see for myself that someone can now actually walk, and be as they were, 100%, or more! because as of now, I get around in my chair great, i go where ever, how ever, when ever! i drive, i have snowmobiles, and atvs so i will be content with the new live I was given! feel free to find out more about my life @ http://www.lifeinawheelchair.com


    May 11, 2008 at 5:17 PM

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