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Whole Lot a-Shakin’ Part II

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by Treadmarkz

About a week ago I wrote that I had applied for a position at my company which would be a promotion for me. Well I am happy to announce that I have been extended an offer and I have accepted.

I am definitely the only person in the building with a visible disability (aside from those who wear glasses – some consider that a disability). It never came up in my interview, as it has not come up since my first day there almost three years ago. The supervisors at that time were worried about my ability to get around the office, fit in the stations, etc., with my wheelchair. Which is understandable. They wanted to be sure that I would be comfortable in my workplace.

In my almost three years there, I only recall having two conversations with co-workers regarding my disability, and both conversations are recounted within this blog. I am glad those are the only two conversations I have ever had there starring my wheelchair. I feel that is the best way to success, to make the wheelchair a non-issue from the start.

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