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A Time Machine With Hand Controls, Episode III – The Birth of the Paralympics

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Wheelchair sports. Adaptive sports. Whatever you call it, participating in it has, in part, enriched the lives of millions of disabled people. And just like so many other 20th century advances made by and for the disabled, it came as a result of thousands and thousands of veterans coming home disabled.

-Hopefully we will be able to make lemonade out of the lemon-tree of a war in which we are currently involved-

All political statements aside, on July 28, 1948 the Stoke Mandeville Games were played, organized by Sir Ludwig Guttman, a neurologist at the Stoke Mandeville Hospital in England as a rehabilitative exercise for WWII veterans injured in combat. This was not recreation. This was a hospital, and this was part of the patient’s rehab program. This was quite an advancement from WWI when a person who lost a leg in combat was pretty much lucky to survive.

The Games consisted of one event, archery (although wheelchair polo, basketball and table tennis were also encouraged by Guttman at the hospital), and were played by just two teams, eight players per side.

The event spread throughout Britain four the next few years, and then in 1952, the Dutch got involved, and by ’53, teams from Canada to Israel took part, bringing with them a glimmer of what would become a truly international event in years to come.

Guttman became the president of the International Sports Organization for the Disabled. He died in 1980.

The Stoke Mandeville Games obviously branched out to include a much wider spectrum of participants, becoming the Paralympics in 1960. Though the Paralympics now coincides with the Olympics every four years, and has spawned the Winter Paralympics in recent years, the Stoke Mandeville Games are still played annually.

Best…Month…Ever (Spoken in the Voice of the Comic Book Guy from “The Simpsons”)

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Yes, as of today, we have broken the record for our most visits in a month, and this month is not 2/3 finished. It is a pleasure to reach that many people with my stories, my humor (if you can call it that) and my advice and experience.

We have noticed, via our Traffic Map, that we have had visitors from across the globe each day lately, which has inspired us to rename this blog “Leaving Treadmarkz Across the Universe” which is pretentious as all Hell, I know, but nevertheless, it is so.

Thanks for dropping by, and come on back, won’t you?