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Here’s a Good Piece of Tattoo Advice….

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by Treadmarkz

….Don’t ever get a tattoo on your chest. Ever. Under any circumstances. Yeah I know, I am probably a pansy, but it hurt like hell. And it’s a big one so it took a good long time to do it!

In all seriousness, it is a good piece of work, and I like it a lot, and it may be different from person to person, but generally speaking I would say avoid anything especially near the mid chest. The fleshier parts of the body are supposed to be easier to handle, pain-wise, but for some reason the chest is the exception to this rule.

I’ve got one on my arm that I don’t recall having that much trouble with. I am thinking I should have taken my wife’s suggestion and gotten a tattoo on my leg where I wouldn’t feel it at all (but only because I am paralyzed). But I wanted it to be somewhat visible (in the summer time when I wear sleeveless shirts, at least).

But hey, what do I know? You do what you want, that’s just my two cents.

PS: Speaking of my two cents:
“If you say ‘a penny for your thoughts’ to someone, and they put in their two cents, what happens to the extra penny?”

– George Carlin