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An Open Letter to the Disabled Population of Canada

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Dear Canada,

Every so often, when things are slow on this blog, I like to sit back and take stock of what is going on, what’s going well, what’s not, etc. And this time around I noticed something very strange. Treadmarkz.wordpress.com has a fairly even distribution of readership throughout the United States, is read just as heavily throughout Europe, and sporadically everywhere else that English is widely spoken or read. Australia, South Africa, Asia, Hawaii, and a thousand other exotic locales where English is not widely spoken, read or written.

Except for Canada.

Are there disabled people in Canada? Obviously…And I want you to know I’ve spent quite a lot of time in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and I know that they have a very good public transit situation for people in wheelchairs. It’s free, whereas in my hometown in the U.S. it can get pretty expensive.

But there must be quite a few disabled people in Winnipeg at least. I can’t say I have ever really met too many other people in wheelchairs, but I know they are there. And so, I am assuming such is the case in the other major Canadian cities; Toronto, Montreal (If they are still part of Canada this week), Vancouver, Edmonton, Ottawa, Calgary, etc.

So, disabled Canadians, where are you? I can’t tell you much more about accessibility in Canada other than what I just did. But I want to hear from you. The issues you are dealing with must be very much the same as the ones we deal with hear (except for your nice cushy public transit situation, you Winnipeggers!) But I would love to hear more about what it is to be a disabled person in Canada. I want to know that I am getting through to you.

See you soon.



PS: God Save the Prime Minister

Another Disabled People Joke

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by Treadmarkz

It has come to my attention that this blog has gotten far too serious for its own good lately. I like to bring a little stark reality, a little commentary on what is going on in the world regarding my disabled brothers and sisters, but if you’ve been reading my work for a while you’ll know that I like to have a little fun too. So for now, all bets are off on the stark reality crap, let’s have a little fun:

A guy walks into a country club where he sees one of his fellow club members. He walks up to the guy and he says “Hey buddy, what’s your handicap?”
The second guy, full of indignation, replies “I can’t believe you just said that to me! Its ‘disability’ not ‘handicap’ ” and he punches the first guy in the face.

The first guy, stunned, picks himself up off the ground and says “Jesus, man, I was talking about golf, I don’t know what your problem is” and he kicks the second guy out of his wheelchair.


And I say “Good”. People are far too sensitive in this country. Probably always will be. This guy in the chair should consider himself lucky he was allowed on the golf course to begin with. They are always very concerned that we will put a rut in the fairway. I have been asked not to take my wheelchair on a miniature golf course, so I know what I am talking about.

    Okay so there was a little bit of “stark reality” chucked in there.