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Overcoming the Human Body’s Inherant Limitations

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by Treadmarkz

I received this video by email the other day (Thanks Mom) and it is a perfect example of why the spirit is much more important than the body that we are born into.

The video is of a man born with no arms or legs but a good reminder to anyone who’s ever said “I can’t” before. He is also an example to the world on how to be untouchable in your determination to persevere.

Give it a look HERE

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  1. I just looked at that video again and it just leaves one feeling almost ashamed that we take so much for granted in our precious lives. It also proves that a broken spirit is a lot more disabling than a broken body. It also reminds me of a favorite saying of mine: The Secret to Success is Failure! Yes, it is true, for every time you fail, you eliminate one way that won’t work!


    February 2, 2009 at 6:12 PM

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