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One Disability That is Almost Wiped Off The Planet!

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Below I will leave a link to a story about a great effort of the Rotary International and the Gates Foundation to finally make polio a thing of the past. Yes polio has been, for the most part, a non-issue in U.S. for decades, but there are still people here living with its disabling after-effects, and there are still just four countries where it is still newly afflicting people, thankfully now in minimal numbers.

Before you write this off as another lost cause, Here is a chance to read a story with stats on specifically how much progress is being made. This is impressive when you compare it to, for example, the standstill we seem to be at with AIDS in Africa.

If the link expires, please contact a nearby Rotary or the (Bill) Gates Foundation for further information.

If you are like me and you have a disability, you likely feel empathetic toward anyone who has a disability which is more difficult to bear than your own. Whether you have a disability, know someone who does, or are just randomly coming across this story, I urge you to read the story and pitch in to the effort and tell a friend.

The only way we can get rid of terrible things like polio is by showing love, and choosing to help those who are afflicted, whom we don’t know, have never met, and probably never will.

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  1. What do you think would happen if mental health issues such as depression, and anxiety issues like OCD every had inoculations? Doesn’t it make you wonder what the push would be like to have the world inoculated against them?

    I read in your blog here about Polio coming towards being a thing of history… how is Smallpox doing?

    I remember a time when it was just considered normal for every child to go through mumps, measles, German measles, and Chickenpox… now people think this is weird, though it is not unheard of, especially in areas with insular populations that are against vaccination and those who have forgotten or never got those childhood diseases.

    Of course they were never pregnant and exposed to Rubella… nor exposed to Mumps as an adult… nor exposed to a reactivated Chickenpox virus…

    …and I am not talking about issues of the Third World or countries of radically different cultures from the Western ones.

    ~ Dusty


    March 11, 2009 at 8:44 PM

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