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One Example of When It’s Okay To Help a Disabled Person

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by Treadmarkz

Here is a perfect example of when it is “acceptable” to assist a “disabled” person, albeit in this example, a temporarily disabled person.

Sara Tucholsky, a Western Oregon University softball player, hit a game-winning home run for her team, but injured her knee after passing first base. If you haven’t heard the story already, click here, because what happened next was not only a gesture of consummate sportsmanship, but like I said, an example of a situation where a disabled person would probably happily accept help.

NOTE: This is not to say that offering to pick up a disabled person and carry them will always be greeted with gratitude. But you get the idea, based on the circumstances described here. When it’s just the right, humane and neighborly thing to do to offer help is when a disabled person such as myself appreciates it the most. Not when a person jumps to the conclusion that I must need it because I am disabled.