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Best…Month…Ever (Spoken in the Voice of the Comic Book Guy from “The Simpsons”)

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by Treadmarkz

Yes, as of today, we have broken the record for our most visits in a month, and this month is not 2/3 finished. It is a pleasure to reach that many people with my stories, my humor (if you can call it that) and my advice and experience.

We have noticed, via our Traffic Map, that we have had visitors from across the globe each day lately, which has inspired us to rename this blog “Leaving Treadmarkz Across the Universe” which is pretentious as all Hell, I know, but nevertheless, it is so.

Thanks for dropping by, and come on back, won’t you?

Treadmarkz’s Sociological Study: Brian Sterner vs. Adam Bender

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by Treadmarkz

In just the past four days more people have visited treadmarkz.wordpress.com to read about Adam Bender, the one-legged little league catcher, than those who have visited to read about Brian Sterner, the quadriplegic who you will remember was tossed out of his chair by an arresting officer back in February. That story continues to get hits, and until today was the biggest story in the history of treadmarkz.wordpress.com.

This just goes to show that people do like happy news, and prefer a story about a success and (I hate this phrase) a triumph over adversity, to a story about a person who has been victimized. It’s funny though because even my story about Allen Keita did not get this much publicity and that was awesome what he did!
I guess it is because the sun is out and things are looking up.

Happy Summer, and enjoy your visit to Treadmarkz.wordpress.com!!!