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New ADA-style Law in Korea Could Warrant 3 Years in Jail for Discriminating Hiring Practices

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by Treadmarkz

Can you imagine an employer going to jail for three years for discriminating against a job applicant based on disability? That appears to be a possibility under the new law in the Republic of Korea. Punishment’s will start being handed down one year from today after a “preparation period”.

The law is supposed to be a step away from affirmative action, to give disabled citizens more dignity, freedom and choice. To me the situation described in the paragraph above doesn’t sound like affirmative action – it sounds like UBER-Affirmative action.

I said ADA-style because that is the intent behind it, to “let (disabled people) live as normal a life as possible with assistance” Many aspects of the new law seem to be quite ADA-like. But as the story in this LINK shows, there are still a few leaps forward to be made, going by ADA-like standards, that is.
Of course the ADA is not the 10 Commandments. It has faults of it’s own, as we all must recognize. Though it has allowed us a tremendous freedom that I am thankful for every day.