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Two-Thirds of Americans Agree – Stay Out of the Handicapped Parking Zone If You Don’t Need It

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by Treadmarkz

A new survey reveals that 2/3 of Americans say that “able-bodied” people parking in “Handicapped” parking spaces is amongst their top driving pet peeves. Surely a hefty percentage of that 2/3 are not people who would have needed that parking space. Surely most of them are able-bodied. So this, to me, is a great sign of the expanded consciousness of Americans – a sign that we as a country are looking out for each other. I assume we always have been but when much of the news reveals the selfishness and consumerism of Americans, this is really refreshing to me.



The Flaw in the System of Handicapped Bathroom Stalls and Handicapped Parking Spaces

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by Treadmarkz

From the outset of this blog, I promised myself not to make it a forum for complaining about non-disabled people using handicapped bathroom stalls and parking spaces. I still won’t. I did slip up a bit when I got on about the accessible public transportation, but that is a system that really needs to be looked into.

The bathroom stall/parking space issue is one that I just don’t feel too strongly about one way or the other. But I’ve figured out what I want to say about it, then I won’t write about it again other than to respond to comments.

I often hear it said that the handicapped stall is for the disabled, but if nobody disabled is in the bathroom, it is fair game. I could live with that if the same standard were applied to parking spaces. But it’s not. You can get a ticket and a fine for parking in a handicapped parking space without something on your car indicating that you (or someone with you) are disabled.

As long as that’s true, don’t you think that public bathrooms should have a police officer on guard to hand out tickets to non-disabled people who use the handicapped stall? While they are there, they could watch out for U.S. Senators committing “lewd acts” if the action on the accessible stall front is slow.