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I Want a 10-Day Paralympics Extravaganza On NBC in 2016 With a Five-Hour Opening Ceremony!

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by Treadmarkz

Now that I have stated my demand, clearly and concisely, I’d like to note that once again in 2012 the Paralympics follows close on the heels of the Olympics. Once again it has been relegated to a Youtube channel, various other online live feeds, etc, while the Olympics (the Walkie version) is again a world-wide network TV 24-hour a day, weeks-long extravaganza. It’s probably on TV right now. Let me go check………….Yup. It is. Water polo.

Eighteen percent of the U.S. population has some form of disability. That statistic throughout the world is comparable. Everybody knows someone who has some kind of disability that would be represented by athletes in the Paralympic Games. Why is this not on NBC? Do we need a specific TV network just for disability-oriented programming much like African-Americans did with the BET network?
Come on, NBC, it’s 18% of the population! Think of the ratings! Even if just out of curiosity, huge numbers of people would be tuning in to see this. Think of the new ad revenue you would generate from a wide variety of sponsors.
And lastly, you would be providing a service. Network exposure for Paralympic athletes would show the world at large a new side to disability. For one thing, it would demonstrate how many disabilities are not visible, yet very real for the person living with that disability. And it would help able-bodied people become more knowledgeable about a wide array of different types of disabilities. This can only be a win-win situation. The Olympics this year got Paul McCartney to play the opening ceremony. I say we get John Mellencamp to play the 2016 Paralympics on NBC. He’s got spina bifida. See, a disability that is not visible. You’re learning something already.

If you agree, please pass this on.


Putting the Roll back in Rock n’ Roll!

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by Treadmarkz

Like any other kid, I went through many stages concerning the question “What do you want to be when you grow up?” One of those stages was “Rock Star”. Of course. Who doesn’t? It would fulfill two of the more basic needs of an adolescent boy: Get girls, Get attention. I have never seen a major nationally-known rock band with a member in a wheelchair. Honorable Mention: Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys and Syd Barrett of Pink Floyd developed mental disabilities in the 60s but both were drug-induced. Roger Daltrey had a stutter, but only for one song, “My Generation”. And Rick Allen from Def Leppard lost and arm and continued to drum, and they were one of the most successful bands in the 80’s.

Upon researching this subject, I came across something that I, having spina bifida, found fascinating. John Mellencamp and Hank Williams, Sr. were both born with mild forms of spina bifida. I wish it were more widely known that two talented people such as these had Spina Bifida. Don’t get me wrong, there are immensely talented people with Spina Bifida all over the world. But let’s face it, people look up to well-known celebrity types. However, in the end, we all just represent ourselves. It wouldn’t give me any credential that I didn’t already possess if one of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Green Day or Korn were in a wheelchair. I’d just like to see a band like that. I know plenty of guys in wheelchairs who play guitars, so it is bound to happen.