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“Lorenzo’s Oil” Boy Dead 20 Years Later Than Doctors Predicted

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by Treadmarkz

Lorenzo Odone, the subject of the 1992 film “Lorenzo’s Oil” has died, more than two decades after his doctors said he would succumb to ALD, an “incurable nerve disease” which left Odone blind and in a vegetative state. Read the story of his life and death here, where it is better put than I could try to rewrite it.

But the most important fact of Lorenzo’s life is that he lived well beyond the point that his doctors, the supposed experts, said he would. Which just goes to show, again, and I can’t stress it enough, that you can only place so much importance on what the doctors say if you have a child with, or you yourself have a disability or a life-threatening disorder or disease. Doctors only know so much. They only know what they have seen, and what they have seen defines the odds they give their patients, and at some point or another, someone like Lorenzo is going to come along and defy the odds by leaps and bounds.
And as you will read in this story, Lorenzo had parents who did fantastic things to give him a life that was above and beyond what was expected.

The Oscar nominated film of Lorenzo’s life starred Susan Sarandon and Nick Nolte.