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A Time Machine with Hand Controls, Episode VI Preview: The Vikings

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by Treadmarkz

In this week’s episode, we find the four-wheeled space-time rambler in the midst of the Dark Ages once again, this time smack in the middle of a Viking raid on the British Isles…only with an unexpected twist. The leader of the Scandinavian raiders, Ivar the Boneless, does not have the use of his legs.

Ivar is a little known blip in military history, and even less-known among the annals of those with disabilities who have molded the world we currently live in. The facts of the Dark Ages are…well, Dark, but legend, accounts left behind, and scant bits of evidence piece together to suggest it is true.

And I landed right in the middle of it!

To find out what I saw, stay tuned for the coming episode of “A Time Machine with Hand Controls” and I will spin you a yarn of high adventure, intrigue and conquest, things that are not often thought compatible with disability…

But sometimes…

A Time Machine With Hand Controls, Preview of Episode II

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by Treadmarkz,

Sticking with the theme of war from my last posting, it’s time for another adventure with me, the backwards traveler, the ancient four-wheeled rambler as I roll across the space-time continuum to give a little insight as to the living conditions of the disabled throughout history.

Join me, won’t you, as I visit a magical land called “America-After-the-Vietnam-War”.

Stay tuned…