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President Obama Bashes Special Olympics on the Tonight Show

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by Treadmarkz

Wow. I watched the broadcast with great interest, and was impressed with the poise and confidence with which the President discussed the economic situation and how he appears to be ready to clean up all of the immoral practices of corporate America that have been swept under the rug for too long.

I didn’t even notice this comment.

Everything else he was saying was more important. I am an American first and a disabled person…well, like fifth or sixth, but you get the idea.

But I will say that no matter how hard he works to rectify our economy and get this ship on the right course, a “joke” like that should not be considered “acceptable” for the President of the United States to make.

I write a lot on this blog about how disabled people can take a joke, and we are no more untouchable than anyone else. But the Special Olympics is for participants that are often very physically able people, and I would imagine a lot of the participants could bowl the Flag Pin right off of President Obama’s lapel!

Mr. President, I respect you for your initiative and for your passion, but please be careful. Don’t be a Biden. You’re much more intelligent than that one small comment would give you credit for.

Do NOT Mess With a Blind Son of a Marine and His Poodle!

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by Treadmarkz

That is exactly what an intruder found out when attempting to rob Allen Kieta’s Indiana home the other day.

Kieta, who lost vision in one eye when he was two, and in the other after being the victim of a highway sniper of all things, had Lady Luck on his side when Alvaro Castro broke into his home. Because, when Kieta’s dog, Bella, began barking, he got out of bed and “ran right into” the intruder in the hallway, quickly engaging him in hand to hand combat. Kieta is a former high school wrestler himself, and had learned a few maneuvers from his father, who was a marine. He quickly recalled what he’d been taught and put it into action on the intruder.
It was then that Kieta dragged Castro by the belt into the kitchen, bashing his head against the wall the whole time “to keep him disoriented.”
Oddly enough it seems that Castro was not armed, because in the “30 to 40 minutes” that they fought before Kieta wrestled him into the kitchen and grabbed a knife and called the police, Castro launched no counter attack with a weapon of his own.

Kieta beat Castro into submission to the point that Castro apparently begged Kieta to let him dial 911 for him.

All the blood in the wake of the fight was that of the intruder’s, said Kieta’s wife.

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