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The 10 Commandments For the Newly Disabled

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by Treadmarkz

I have been told that with my experience being disabled, I should write a blog posting or a series of “how-to” postings for people who have become disabled, offering advice to them on what to expect and how to cope with and manage every day activities and chores. But I just can’t seem to gather my thoughts to the degree of thoroughness that I feel the topic deserves, if I am going to do it. That and having been in a chair all of my life, I am having a hard time figuring out how to describe doing things from a chair that one once did on two legs. It’s weird and it is complicated and anyone who is not in a chair or has ever been not in a chair probably doesn’t know what the Christ I am talking about. Alas, it is so. However, I did find a nifty list of 10 things (no list is worth a damn unless there are 10 things on it, y’ever notice that?) to keep in mind should you ever become disabled.

So without further delay, from “Disabled World”, I give you….the list.