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A Hallmark Holiday for the Patron Saint of the Disabled

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by Treadmarkz

Did you know there is a Patron Saint of the disabled? There is. In fact there are several. The BBC “Ouch!” weblog has just today posted a story about the Disabled Patron Saints, however, it fails to mention Seraphina.

The feast of St. Seraphina is coming up next week, March 12. So I wanted to post this so you would all have ample time to plan your feast, and go out shopping to get everything you’ll need for your big Patron Saint of the Disabled Day Party!

How would one celebrate such a day? I mean St.Valentine’s Day is celebrated with sincere expressions of our undying love for our significant others, as Valentine is the saint of romance. But St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated by reinforcing an Irish stereotype, drinking! So how do we celebrate on March 12th? Any ideas?

But going back to St. Valentine briefly, did you know that he is also the Patron Saint of Epilepsy? He is. That makes a lot of sense, when you think about it.

Fun Facts: There is a Patron Saint of the fear of mice, and a Patron Saint of mad dogs. (Source: The List Universe). There is also a Patron Saint for “Those Wrongly Accused of Cannibalism” as you will see if you follow the “OUCH!” link at the top of this story.