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Pushing Through the Snow in a No-Horse 4-Wheel Sleigh…

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by Treadmarkz

About five years ago, I lived alone and I had a job that was about 11 blocks from my home. I don’t drive, the buses didn’t run that late, and I was too stubborn to ask for the help of family members who I know now, and knew even then, would have been more than willing to help. But I am extremely stubborn. Always have been. So even in the winter, I would go out in the snow and plow my way on down the road to work, no matter how much it snowed. At the time I thought I was just being determined, and dedicated to my job. But as Paul McCartney said, “There is a fine line between recklessness and courage.”

* I would not recommend this to anyone, let me make that very clear. There is always a better way. I would recommend not being stubborn about asking for help if you need to get somewhere, which I am sure most level-headed people have already figured out for themselves. Thankfully I am older and wiser now.

However, as the snow has drifted in around me in the past weeks, I have longed for the days when I could easily go outside whenever and roll down the road maybe to pick up a new CD or just browse through the racks. That is a bit far now that it’s winter, but if you are in a wheelchair like me, you don’t have to be shut in completely when the flakes begin to fly. There is more to outdoor life in the winter than just getting too and from your car. If you are reasonably strong, and can get around under your own power, and if it is not too cold (don’t get sick in the name of exercise) it can be extremely envigorating just to take a trip down the block and back, in an inch or less of well-packed snow. It’s as simple as that. Don’t go too fast, and be careful of course. But just making your way over the minor bumps and dips can get the respiration going just enough to feel like you’ve had a good workout. Then go back indoors and have yourself a cup of hot chocolate or your favorite hot tea.

Written by treadmarkz

January 24, 2008 at 6:37 PM

The Thrill of Adaptive Skiing

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by TreadmarkzAdaptive Skiing

One of the links on my blogroll is to Heavenly Ski Resort, a place in Lake Tahoe on the border of Nevada and California where I went adaptive skiing a couple of years ago with a good friend of mine.

Heavenly Ski Resort provides all equipment necessary, and they give you a thorough test to be sure your strength and reflexes are suffiecient. Safety first! That and it is a bit straining on the upper body and forearms at first though not as bad as I expected. And the strain wears off quick once you get up there and start enjoying yourself.

A lot of ski resorts offer adaptive skiing, so you don’t have to go to Lake Tahoe for it, but I do strongly recommend Heavenly; not only because it is the only place I have ever skied, but if you are going to go skiing, I’d be unlikely to believe there is a better place than Tahoe. Not only can you go skiing, but the place is crawling with casinos if you are into that, and any category of entertainment is usually available within rolling distance. Plus, coming from brown and green hilly Minnesota, when I was up on the mountain at Lake Tahoe, the crisp snow-capped greys of the rocky mountain peaks contrasted by the calm aqua blue lake were the perfect setting to try something bold, new and exhilerating. I said it after my first lesson at Heavenly, and I will say it now: speeding down the mountain alone (once the woman giving me the lesson let go) was absolutely terrifying, but I loved it!
You’re probably thinking “How can you say that skiing was terrifying while recommending a ski resort?” Well to be honest with you, skiing may not be for everyone. But deep down, I am a thrill-seeker, and that is why I loved it. Just knowing that I was at the mercy of the mountain yet I was in complete control, all I had to do was shift my skis in the right direction and I’d be fine. So if you want to get away from the everyday 9-5 and bring out that inner-thrill seeker, you can go sky-diving or you can start off by doing some adaptive skiing. I guarentee that you will be reminded, if you had forgotten (everyone does, sometimes) that you are very much ALIVE!