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“Oprah’s Big Give”: A Second Step in the Right Direction

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by Treadmarkz

The “second step” in the title of this posting refers back to my posting from yesterday. And I just want to say again, “This is what I have been looking for!” Sort of… Let me explain.

I don’t really like reality shows, or real-life-situation game shows, or whatever you want to call them. But one caught my eye because I thought it was about giving rather than winning. It even has “Give” in the title. “Oprah’s Big Give.” Sounded like a nice idea. I will not incur the wrath of Opraholics by repeating the usual criticisms of the show, which you can easily find by typing it’s title into Google.

But I am already put off to find out that it is, or will be, in the end, just like any other “Amazing Race” knockoff, in that the winner will recieve $10,000. The contestants don’t know that, but I have a feeling that they have a hunch that there is some prize involved. Ruins it for me. But I decided to keep watching.

Carlana Stone may not have come up with the greatest, most inventive ideas on the program, but she has worked hard, and she is one of the most exuberant people on the show. And I like to see someone in a wheelchair being recognized as a giver, and not the recipient of a charity. Often you’ll see able-bodied people playing for money to go to some charity like the Courage Center to benefit the “less fortunate” people in a wheelchair.
Carlana Stone is clearly not one of those “less fortunate” people. I don’t see any talk about how “this is going to be hard because I am in a wheelchair.”

Now if we could only get someone in a chair out there on Survivor. I’ve been working out a little, so maybe…

Yeah, That’s Right! Some Disabled People Really ARE Jerks!

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by Treadmarkz

For the six or seven people in this world who have never seen “Lost”, I did not watch it on Thursday like I said I would. I did watch an early episode, and one from a couple of weeks ago, online, and it was just what I suspected, as far as I can see. John Locke is no longer disabled while on the island because this is a place where either everybody’s dreams come true or their problem is fixed. Apparently there is another character who had cancer before the crash. I am sure there is more to it than that, but I did not investigate further on Friday as I was too busy watching Vickie Guerrero on WWE Smackdown! playing the crippled villain character, which, though I enjoy badmouthing her every chance I get, I personally find her more appealing than the “He was disabled but now look what he can do now that his body’s been miraculously fixed!” storyline. It’s about time! I say put John Locke back in a wheelchair and put him back to work.

Did ABC’s “Lost” Island Cure a Paraplegic?

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by Treadmarkz

In an earlier posting, I discussed television and the lack of disabled lead characters. Upon further research, I have discovered something else that, I am not sure yet, but I think it bothers me even more. On ABC’s mega-hit drama “Lost”, one of the castaways, John Locke was a paraplegic before the plane crash that doomed him to the island. But on the island, he can walk. To be honest, I have not seen the show, but I am reading about it, and this really strikes me as interesting, so I may have to watch Lost now. What is this, Fantasy Island? If so, that would not be my fantasy. Does anyone have any theories on this? A little background for me to hold me over until Thursday?

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February 17, 2008 at 2:33 PM

It’s Okay to Laugh at People in Wheelchairs

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by Treadmarkz

There is not a single regular character on a single sitcom that I can think of that is in a wheelchair, unless you count “Timmy” from “South Park” which I hate to even comment on, or “Joe” from “The Family Guy” which is a cartoon. Though it is great that they made this character a police officer, there is one very cartoonish episode where Joe says he “feels useless” and decides he’d like to be able to walk so he gets a leg transplant. After the successful surgery, he decides that he only hung around with his current friends because they were lazy and he was in a wheelchair. There are so many things wrong with this entire premise, I don’t know where to start. Anyway he moves on to another group of friends, and he gets a big head about it, and his old friends, and his wife get jealous and she shoots him in until he is disabled again. The only good thing about this episode is that he learns that his life was fine the way it was.

I’m not sure if it is, again, the image that people in wheelchairs take themselves too seriously that keeps writers from putting a disabled character in a sitcom, but I would love it. Not so their would be a forum to make lame jokes about how stupid and closed-minded the able-bodied people are, not to depict the disabled as heroic survivors, and not so I can finally have a sitcom that I can relate to.

I can relate to plenty of them already and I would hope that my hypothetical disabled character would be one that the masses would relate to. That’s what sitcoms are, a little slice of life that pretty much anyone can relate to. We all have plenty of reasons to laugh at ourselves, after all. Yup, just a slice of life, and I want my slice on primetime TV, by God! The character would have to be written by a disabled person, I think, but only to avoid the potential mistakes I listed in the second paragraph. And it would have to be natural, not trying too hard to show that the character is “just like everyone else” but just there, and funny.