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Yeah, That’s Right! Some Disabled People Really ARE Jerks!

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by Treadmarkz

For the six or seven people in this world who have never seen “Lost”, I did not watch it on Thursday like I said I would. I did watch an early episode, and one from a couple of weeks ago, online, and it was just what I suspected, as far as I can see. John Locke is no longer disabled while on the island because this is a place where either everybody’s dreams come true or their problem is fixed. Apparently there is another character who had cancer before the crash. I am sure there is more to it than that, but I did not investigate further on Friday as I was too busy watching Vickie Guerrero on WWE Smackdown! playing the crippled villain character, which, though I enjoy badmouthing her every chance I get, I personally find her more appealing than the “He was disabled but now look what he can do now that his body’s been miraculously fixed!” storyline. It’s about time! I say put John Locke back in a wheelchair and put him back to work.

Wheelchairs as Props in Physical Comedy

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by Treadmarkz,

You don’t often see wheelchairs being used as props in physical comedy. Having said that, this video is probably one of the best examples I have seen in a while. It’s from the World Wrestling Entertainment’s Smackdown! The woman in this clip, Vickie Guerrero is not really disabled. It’s all part of the storyline. I don’t know, maybe it’s just me, but I think wrestling is funny to begin with.
Other than this, the best example I can think of is in Naked Gun when O.J. Simpson’s character rolls down the steps at Anaheim Stadium and gets catapulted over the gate.