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Got a Hangnail? You May Be Eligible For the Paralympics!!!

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by Treadmarkz

Of course you’ve got to be a great athlete too, but…

Does anybody else find it disturbing that to qualify for the Paralympics, all you need is a pair of contact lenses? Yes that’s right, apparently anyone whose vision is a little blurry can be a Paralympic athlete.

Granted, I have spent a good amount of time on this blog and on others reminding people that the definition of “disabled” can be extremely broad, even reminding my readers that, in fact, one could argue that those who wear glasses could be considered disabled. But isn’t the Paralympics supposed to be for athletes who cannot partake in the Olympics with fully functional walking athletes because of their disabilities? That was my understanding.

I was watching the Paralympic Judo and it seemed to me that the athletes who were squaring off in the competition had no visible disability. I thought “Did they add Tourette’s Syndrome to the Paralympics?” Because the athletes in the Judo competition definitely had no visible disability, and they had no ailment or disorder holding them back in any way, that is for sure. And this may sound narrow-minded as Hell, but if it is not a visible disability – if it does not visibly hold one back physically – then it has very little to do with physical competition. So I wanted to know what the guidelines were in the Paralympics. So I looked it up.
There are certainly many genuinely disabled people in the Paralympics, and the categories make a lot of sense, and they make it fair so as not to have a no-armed, one legged blind man with cerebral palsy fencing against a guy who is near-sighted. But contact lenses? Seriously?

Do NOT Mess With a Blind Son of a Marine and His Poodle!

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by Treadmarkz

That is exactly what an intruder found out when attempting to rob Allen Kieta’s Indiana home the other day.

Kieta, who lost vision in one eye when he was two, and in the other after being the victim of a highway sniper of all things, had Lady Luck on his side when Alvaro Castro broke into his home. Because, when Kieta’s dog, Bella, began barking, he got out of bed and “ran right into” the intruder in the hallway, quickly engaging him in hand to hand combat. Kieta is a former high school wrestler himself, and had learned a few maneuvers from his father, who was a marine. He quickly recalled what he’d been taught and put it into action on the intruder.
It was then that Kieta dragged Castro by the belt into the kitchen, bashing his head against the wall the whole time “to keep him disoriented.”
Oddly enough it seems that Castro was not armed, because in the “30 to 40 minutes” that they fought before Kieta wrestled him into the kitchen and grabbed a knife and called the police, Castro launched no counter attack with a weapon of his own.

Kieta beat Castro into submission to the point that Castro apparently begged Kieta to let him dial 911 for him.

All the blood in the wake of the fight was that of the intruder’s, said Kieta’s wife.

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