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A Step (no pun intended) In the Right Direction

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by Treadmarkz

I struggled with whether I should even point this out, but this ad for Liberty Mutual Insurance is exactly what I was talking about in this posting when I talked about how I wanted to see disabled people on TV but that I wanted them to “just be there”.

It’s not that I demand equal representation for people in wheelchairs because I realize that people in chairs do not make up the same percentage of the population as non-wheelchair users. It’s just that when a person in a wheelchair shows up in a TV show or ad, I would like to see them just being…just living. Not being made an inspirational example of overcoming great odds. And that is why I struggled with whether to post this, because this should be an every-day TV ad, and it will be soon, I am sure.

True, this ad does show the woman getting out regardless of her disability, despite barriers that might otherwise get in her way, and that is fine.  But even better, the ad is not about her disability at all. It is just pointing out how some people “make the right decision”, in this case buying Liberty’s insurance, but also making the decision to vote, which is the best part about the ad.

I hope we Americans go to the polls in record numbers this year, but I am happy to see that Liberty Mutual has taken the time to implore the disabled to do so, in a roundabout way. Because I have read that Democratic candidates know that the disabled statistically vote Democrat so they don’t bother reaching out to them, and I have read that Republicans know that so they don’t bother reaching out to them either. This is a generalization, I know, but it is enough reason for me to make sure my voice is heard.

Written by treadmarkz

March 8, 2008 at 10:29 PM